10 Filthy Rich Kids From United States And Their Flamboyant Life Style

There’s a Rich Kids club that has developed all over the globe. It’s an exclusive club whereby those filthy rich kids who had the fortune of landing themselves the genes of successful parents flaunt their riches and glam without fail and without compromising the wow-factor.

In a way, it is annoying to feel that bad about yourselves because these spoiled brats get everything they want without having to work for a penny and they keep adding to their collection. While the rest of the world is collecting marbles, these kids are collecting Ferraris and branded wardrobes and adding more and more cities to their toured destinations.

But well, we can’t complain. Life has a way of rolling the dice on all those who deserve to get whatever fate has intended. And while we wait for life to roll the dice on our fates, we shall envy and woe ourselves with the lifestyles of the richest out there.

  1. Barron Hilton

Barron Hilton, as the surname suggests, had the lucky fate of landing himself into the Hilton dynasty. He is 27 years old and is the brother of Paris and Nicky Hilton. Much like his sisters, he has no shortage of living the luxurious life where he uses the advantage of his Hilton good looks to get away with things Barron likes to keep fit and loves to travel the globe and attend mega festivals. He is a model and has also appeared on the New York Fashion Week. And this picture is of one of his shoots showing the high-end lifestyle and chicness that follows the elite.

  1. Gaia Matisse

Gaia Matisse comes from the lineage of a famous painter Henri Matisse. She is an American socialite and is pretty famous in the world of artists who appreciate the history of her great-great-grandfather whose paintings are compared to Pablo Picasso. She is a free-spirited hippie who loves traveling and shopping and spending lavishly from her family’s riches. This picture shows her taking off with friends in her private jet.

  1. Morgan Stewart

Morgan Stewart is one of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills who lives her extravagant life off of her father, Herb Steward’s income based off of his architectural wonders including Rodeo Drive. She grew up with expensive taste and married a successful real estate agent who also was from the elite of the American society. Drinking and shopping are her favorite hobbies but she also enjoys updating her blog.

  1. Ally Fusco

Ally Fusco has a killer body and doesn’t shy away from showing it off on all her social media accounts. She is mostly seen wearing skimpy bikinis aboard million-dollar yachts that she owns. She is mostly out having fun with friends and going to lavish parties and just having a good time with all the wealth that she gets showered onto her from her parents.

  1. Raya Benitez

Raya Benitez is the daughter of legendary DJ John Jellybean Benitez due to which she was born into the world of glitz and glam with famous celebrities in her family’s social circles including Madonna, Micheal Jackson, and Whitney Houston. She took full advantage of her daddy’s wealth and is mostly seen partying on the beaches with her friends or touring from place to place purchasing all the latest fashion items and collections.

  1. E.J Johnson

E.J Johnson is the son of legendary basketball player Magic Johnson and he has never failed to impress his followers with his fashion style from his legendary father’s riches. He flaunts his fashion on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and is an American socialite. His fashion ranges from fur coats to designer gowns and expensive handbags. He is always on point and never fails to have a good time with his friends to social events and great parties.

  1. Tiffany Trump

Ever since Donald Trump tried to fight for the elections, there has been a new focus on the Trump family unlike any ever before. The Trumps are known for their wealth and throwing it around and Tiffany Trump is no shy from showing off her lineage despite the remarks from her father. She has been the flashy party girl and has partied on the beaches all the way to Greece and Paris and wherever her father;s money could take her. But ever since her father became the president, she has had to seem more presentable than her former party girl reputation.

  1. Kylie Jenner

Who hasn’t heard of Kylie Jenner? The famous product of the Kardashian/Jenner family. She is the definition of US Rich Kids with her expensive spending habits. Thanks to Kris Jenner and all her efforts for fame, Kylie has not failed to impress and shock the world with her expensive cars and her diamonds collection and her incredible fashion sense.

  1. Lyla Dumont

Lyla Dumont is your ordinary 20-something Rich Kid who is shamelessly living large who loves to travel and model and enjoy fun times with friends all over the world. She’s also launched her own fashion label and is living on her own on a stranded island.

  1. Dorothy Wang

Dorothy Wang is a well known Rich Kid and her family is insanely rich! Her father, Roger Wang, is a Chinese-American businessman and has a whopping net worth of $4 billion. This gives Dorothy such extravagant access to the glamorously glitzy lifestyle that she follows while parading around in high heels and perfect make-up and handbags and clothes that are worth more than some people’s houses.



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