10 Stories That Prove Life Is a Funny Thing

People with a good sense of humor live happier lives if you treat difficult situations with humor or play fun little jokes on your nearest and dearest you’ll always be in a good mood we promise these short stories will charge your day with positive energy watch till the end and then tell us in the comments which story made you laugh out.

My bestie got married thanks to her sense of humor she has very small breasts and wears pads and push-up bras one day we went to the beach she unfolded her towel with a gracious movement at that same moment her bra fell down together with her fake breasts she said jeez what a gale it blew my bra away with my boobs the guy who was sitting next to us laughed to death he proposed to her a month later.

We bought some edible paper for the restaurant, I worked at I brought several sheets home my wife came and saw me sitting at the kitchen table with a lot of papers around me i fearfully screamed you are just in time they know everything eat the papers or we are going to jail. I put an edible sheet in my mouth and gave her the regular one she swallowed it in two seconds, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

I applied a hair mask and when I washed it off I noticed that my hair was way darker than before my hair dried I saw the new color clearly it was bright blue in fact my dad had decided to play a joke on my mom and he thought it was her mask, I couldn’t wash the blue color off my hair and went to school just like that the teacher asked my parents to come to school and explain my new look the day before this my father washed his hair with the same mask, I wish you could have seen my teachers face and my dad and I came to her both of us had blue hair.

I was on the subway a pregnant girl came into the subway car one guy offered her a seat she thanked him and sat holding her belly with her hand when her stop was announced she went to the exit and a cushion fell out of her sweater she was shocked that she got peg and tried to rush through the people to get to the exit the guy who offered her a seat took the cushion smiled and said excuse me ma’am but your baby just fell out one day, I came home and saw a total mess flour was everywhere and my husband was cooking something my expression was angrier than a thousand hellhounds my husband looked at me grabbed a handful of flour threw it under his feet like a ninja and a movie rolled onto the floor ratan away.

I’m a bartender, one day I came home terribly exhausted my girlfriend asked me angrily hey bartender where’s my cappuccino. I rushed to the kitchen to make her cappuccino and then hurt her laughing out loud [Laughter] my sister came to visit me I have a mannequin at home as I make men’s clothes sometimes I talked to him as if he’s my boyfriend I wake up in the morning and say to him Tim make me a coffee and I go make him myself, I went to the bathroom for a couple of minutes and left the coffee on the table when I returned I said thanks Tim my sister asked me to whom are you talking I decided to have some fun and told her that my mannequin was a robot when I was getting ready to go to work. I heard the following Tim make me a coffee, Tim coffee hey can you hear me.

I was in a shop buying wine with my friends I’m 27 but the cashier asked to see my ID my smile then told her it was a compliment for me she sighed and answered you got me wrong, I asked for the ID only to laugh at the pictures, my friend recently became a policeman when she was finally officially employed she got so drunk that she fell asleep on the bathroom floor now, I call her a sleeping policeman [Laughter].

I saw a man who slipped on a moving staircase today and went down on his butt saying geez just like a corporate ladder.

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