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In many cases a person who’s been injured in a car accident has the legal right to recover damages from the responsible party you need an attorney who really understands personal injury law. I’ve noticed most people in your shoes won at least four things one you want your questions answered – you want to know what’s the best thing to do next three you want a lawyer who knows what they’re doing and has experience and four you want a lawyer who can get you the most money for your case talk to past clients of oursĀ out.

3 Types of Auto Accident Claims

If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident or a motorcycle accident or an accident with an 18-wheeler generally there’s three types of claims to establish the first would be any and all liability claims the second is going to be potential first party claims and the third deals with what we generally call no-fault coverage let’s start with liability claims when we’re talking about liability we’re obviously referring to the at-fault party in the context of an automobile collision that would be the negligent driver remember though you may also have a liability cause of action against the drivers employer if the driver was in the course and scope of his or her employment and in some cases you may even have a liability claim against the vehicles owner if the owner of the vehicle negligently entrusted it to the driver the other type of claims that we typically see in the context of an auto accident is first party claims that’s going to be underinsured motorist claims and uninsured motorist claims obviously uninsured motorist claims are seen in the context of a hit-and-run accident.

Where a driver hits you and flees the scene requirement in Texas is that there be actual physical contact between the vehicles an underinsured motorist claim may be available if your damages exceed the at-fault party’s liability limits, the final type of claim that we typically see in the context of an auto collision is a no-fault claim which is primarily personal injury protection and medpay what we commonly refer to as pit benefits or something you carry on your own policy is a no-fault coverage that generally entitles you to reimbursement of your medical expenses and wages in the amount of $2,500 the only difference with med pay is that you’re in insurance carrier will have a subrogation right if you have a recovery against the at-fault party.

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