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Auto Accident Lawyer Charlotte

About eighty percent of our practice is motor vehicle cases motor vehicle cases typically our car accidents motorcycle accidents trucking accidents or pedestrians that get hit by vehicles it’s a confusing area it’s an area that where the insurance company is usually immediately contacting the injured person it’s a dangerous area to take on yourself with the insurance company there’s issues of all kinds of acronyms with bodily injury bi PD uninsured motorist coverage whether the uninsured motorist coverage is stacking or not there’s waivers of subrogation lots of complex areas that unless you do.

Personal injury law on a regular basis yeah it’s likely to get messed up so I think if you’re injured you if you’re in an accident contact us we can have a consultation no obligation in terms of hiring us give a free consultation review your circumstance.

Charlotte Injury Lawyer |Personal Injury Attorney Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident I can help my law firm deals exclusively with personal injury cases arising from roadway accidents as a former insurance adjuster and former insurance defense attorney I know all of the traps and techniques that will be used to minimize your claim payments I was glad to leave insurance defense work behind and I am now fully devoted to helping accident victims and their families if you do.

Nothing else to protect your case today please invest any time on my website I’ve provided layers of information and resources to help you understand what the other side truly owes you and how to properly build and present your personal injury case for a case specific plan of action that fits your unique circumstances please take a few minutes to read on my blog I’ll make sure you’re making all of the right moves now and I’ll explain how to deal with medical needs medical bills lost wages how to protect your family’s credit and how to make sure that the at fault driver and their insurance representatives pay you fully for all of your medical expenses including future care needs for all of your lost wages and lost earning capacity and a generous tax free amount for all of the pain and suffering that’s been caused in your life, thank you.

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