Causes of Auto Accidents

Car accidents have been occurring right from the time the car was invented. In fact, the first injury after an auto accident was recorded in 1869. The person injured in the accident was an Irish woman named Mary Ward who got thrown out her steam-powered carriage that she happened to be driving when it encountered a particularly deep rut in the road. She was crushed under the wheels after being thrown out of the vehicle causing instant death. It is a cruel case of irony that it was her own cousin who had invented the vehicle at that time.
There is some consolation in the fact that in the last 25 years the number deaths caused due to auto accidents all over the world has declined considerably. This is a result of both governments and car companies continuously emphasizing on the need of safety while driving as well as the introduction of devices like air bags that help in decreasing the number of injuries caused by head-on collisions or side car-to-car crashes.
While the rest of the world is improving in terms of road safety, the number of auto accident injuries and deaths in Naples, FL and the rest of the United States has gone up in the past years. Experts believe that there are many causes for this, one of which could be the increase in the total number of motorists on the road. There has been a steady and noticeable increase in the number of large trucks and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) that have been sold in the recent years. At the same time. there has also been an increase in the number of cell phone users and other technical gadgets. So, apart from the fact that an increase in the number of vehicles plying the streets increases the risk of auto accident injuries here in Naples, FL, there are now a higher number of people who use these fascinating gadgets while driving. The concentration that is required for driving is lost due to these cell phones and other technological advancements, thereby adding onto the list of potential risks.
Another potential cause for auto accidents is rubbernecking. This is the term that is used when a driver slows down the vehicle, sometimes gradually or sometimes suddenly, in order to glance at some unusual event on the street or by the road. The sudden braking causes the vehicle behind to collide into the one ahead. Rubbernecking has been voted as the most common cause for rear-end accidents and is also the major cause for whiplash auto accident injuries in Naples, FL as well as the rest of the places in the United States.

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