Cut of From Social Life Due to Bad Breath

Each one of us has that one person in our life (sometimes, unfortunately, even more than just then one) whom we try to stay at least one foot away from. It’s not because we don’t like that person. He/she could be perfectly charming; a person with whom you have witty and refreshing exchanges, philosophical talks that change your perspective on life and even those deeply emotional conversations about the latest Disney movie that made you sob through a box of tissues.
Again, it’s nothing that we have against the person. It’s just that we’d really appreciate it if they. Well, if they just did something about their bad breath. The funny thing is that this person probably doesn’t even know about it. Once we realize this, the bravest of us sit that friend down and have a gentle talk about their bad breath, while gifting them a lifetime’s supply of Listerine mouthwash. If that doesn’t work (or if we’re too chicken to break the bad news to them in the first place), we try sneaking in ways to fix the situation ourselves. We start carrying mints and offering it to them after casually popping one first, praying to the high heavens that they accept it.
We even randomly blurt out the names of other people with less than complimentary remarks about their bad breath and hope they start wondering if they’re ever mentioned in the same context. If there’s anything that should immediately come to the mind of a person reading this, it should probably be a moment of self-introspection, when you suddenly wonder how your breath would fare on a scale of Perfectly Tolerant to Gas Mask Required for Dearly Beloved. You start looking back at all the times you’ve ever been offered a mint and start suspecting the intentions of the mint-givers. Now, before you start brooding, there’s actually a simple way to find out if you have bad breath or if you just happen have generous people in your life.
All you need is a spoon. “A good philosophy to live by”, food enthusiasts would say with closed eyes and a firm nod of the head, but that’s not where this is going. Using the bottom of the spoon, gently scrape the very back of your tongue. The next step is usually done a little reluctantly and extremely gingerly: put said spoon in front of your nose and take a good whiff at the stuff on it. Smells fine?
Call your friends and thank them for the mints. Smells not-so-good? Then now is the time to be cool and collected. Now is the time to rise above the smell by first sniffing out (pun probably intended; too soon?) the reason. Here are the possible causes of bad breath (or Halitosis, the medical term that, interestingly, was coined by Listerine): The first and most obvious: food with strong odours. Here’s what happened to the last delicious Chilli Garlic Noodles you’d eaten: once you were done with the savouring, chewing and swallowing, the food was then digested and absorbed into your bloodstream. Once there, it travelled to your lungs – and given off in your breath. The odour would have remained until the food passed completely from your body.
Apart from the food you eat, it’s also the habits you have that also cause bad breath – like, not maintaining a proper oral health regimen. Are you following the BTR (Brush, Floss & Rinse) routine? That’s one of the simplest cures for bad breath. Brush for two minutes, making sure you’re getting rid of everything between, over and behind your teeth. Floss between the gaps of your teeth and gums, because that’s an area your toothbrush can’t reach properly. Then, speaking of areas your toothbrush can’t reach properly, using a good mouthwash like Listerine is extremely important.
The germs and bacteria that snoop around your mouth are delighted when they’re ignored – the breath you smell is their joy. Don’t make the missing of skipping this part, because it accounts for 75% of your oral care. The occasional lack of saliva in your mouth also causes bad breath, because this poor unnoticed health hero is actually packed with proteins that control the bacteria that cause bad breath. This could happen either because of the side-effects of a medication, salivary gland problems or because you breathe from your mouth way too much. Drinking lots of water would be a good cure for bad breath, if you’ve got the Dry Mouth syndrome.
Then there’s your health. Even health problems cause bad breath, along with some medicines. In some cases, the bad breath actually indicates that you might have gum disease – if persistent. If none of these work, it’d be wise to get a check-up done if any of the mentioned cures for bad breath don’t work. To those who have patiently been reading this after having called their friends and thanking them for the mints, here’s a suggestion: why not share this article with the friend you strategically give your mints to?

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