Depression – What Causes Depression?

Medical professionals recognize the real mental problem of depression. It’s often a matter of years, or at least months, to control or cure it. Millions of Americans across the United States are affected by depression each and every year. To make things worse it is estimated that only a third of those who suffer the disease will ever seek treatment. Because depression is considered a mental affliction, many sufferers shy away from seeking help from a doctor. Rather than being stereotyped, people would rather try to deal with the problem themselves. Unlike a headache depression doesn’t eventually stop on its own, and more people suffer from depression than you might think.

What are the causes for depression? There are many factors to consider, so the answer isn’t simple. The list is quite long|Depression can be a long story because of many issues. Let’s list a few of the contributing factors to depression. Brain chemicals being out of proportion contributes strongly to depression. Why does this chemical problem in the brain happen? The causes can be genetic, mental or even come from the environment. In many cases the underlying cause is never identified. Many become depressed when they are diagnosed with a very serious medical condition. This is especially the case if the diagnosis presents the possibility of death or impairment.

Another cause of depression can be the emotional pain felt after losing a loved one. In many cases the loss can be very traumatic. Long periods of emotional, sexual or other physical abuses can result in depression. In addition, many cases of depression are given birth by substance abuse, rather it be drugs or alcohol|Substance abuse, either drug or alcohol, can also cause depression. The mental state of a human can be very fragile depending on their environment and the life events that they have been exposed too. There can also be a genetic element to depression. People who have a strong background of depression in the family are at a high risk . There are even some prescribed medications that can bring on depression. High blood pressure medication can result in depression.

One of the major causes of depression is stress. In our lives many events and elements can cause stress. Even positive events such as a marriage, a new baby or winning an award can cause stress. The unknown is often the root cause of this stress, whether it be positive or negative. When friends or loved ones come into conflict with an individual ? a co-worker or loved one ? the result is stress. Some people have a low threshold for stress. They’re affected by events and activities that to others seem to not be stressful. Knowing is half the battle. Seek medical help if you or a loved one suffer from depression|It’s important that those who suffer depression get medical help at once.

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