Happy National Dog Day !

Everybody Sunday is national dog day, now anybody who’s watched the show knows that Bernie here who’s a seven year old golden retriever entertains my audience. he’s all part of our Facebook page he’s terrific so anyway sunday is national dog day be like me treat birdie like a king treat your dog like a king.
Have a great Sunday Bert how are you thinking, I haven’t shaken it’s your daily.

National Dog Day 🐶 w/ Doug the Pug, JoJo Siwa, Jace Norman and More!

Hey guys it’s closing case yeah and this is when your we feed is the hottest info you need to know to win your week today is national dog day and to celebrate.
This important holiday we present flag your week oh she are the tips and info, you love but with a double dose of dots to kick this off here at Jack and Cara to settle the age-old debate cats boy dog dogs are way better they actually care about your feelings and cats just like exists wait who wrote this so many more around to the end for a surprise dog it’s time for the comment of the week.

It’s Lanson French it means to me that you should be friendly and you shouldn’t be rude to other and you should be nice to everybody friends you do together, U is for you and me.

It looks back at some of our favorite moments with Jase Jojo and their best puppy pals we got home we have thinking of a name and I thought of hand because, he looks like a Henry first there’s just a little furball and now he’s kind of grown into like a handsome handsome dude my dog ovo is the world’s cutest dog musical dog and I’m really glad I have. it time to play name that fart and you guessed the pup from the sound of its bark stick around the answers coming up comment now if you already know and now let’s sit second jokes you can tell your friends talk to you by yarra H.

In the comments what do you call a dog laying in the Sun a hot dog hey check out this dog we’re back with the answer from Maine back bar ready for another one name that bar the answer is coming soon tomorrow is national just because safe and we thought what better time to illustrate this repressed from Jakob Z in the comment your wish is our command yeah here days as a crab OMG you gotta take a selfie speaking of crustaceans what about crab soccer is a challenge you can try with your head or you could try a juggling towel or header volleyball will you accept this challenge shellfish hey check out this dog wish you could take puppy to school well now you can turn it up with these DIY puppy book oh but it’s only pay you look at a blank sheet you see nothing they see possibility.

It’s literally amazing did you get this famous pop from jester bar it’s last rap name that fart you have a dog at all, it’s captain man’s go to Satguru swats a big poo poo Lotus one last thing seriously say fire Dana. thanks for check back next Sunday for a brand new win your week and don’t forget to comment below.

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