Hawaii August 16, 2018 – Fissure 10 Leilani Estates

Hawaii Institute reporting update on Fisher ten which starts about right there and goes all the way six hundred feet in that direction we got some interesting colors right here there wasn’t a whole lot of lava that came out of Fisher ten but it’s 600 feet long and there’s an interesting lava formations right here and then also as you lava trees there’s one right here it’s an interesting law of a tree it’s where the tree was surrounded by lava and then burnt out and there’s another one right here so that’s pretty cool hold on the ground we usually use these four outhouses here in Hawaii because they typically go you know 30 feet 20 feet in the ground so this is Fisher 10 and there’s some steam and heat definitely emitting from this Fisher steam over here and the so2 has killed a lot of the plants as you can see there’s a lot of plant die off and it has burped some of the plants you can see this tree.
The Sophia I’m standing on it was burnt at its base and then fell down the base was weakened and it fell down this one this is yeah same thing fell down because of the lava burped the base of it this one somehow survived but did look like but it doesn’t look like it caught on fire but it survived it’s still standing well I shouldn’t say survived should say it’s still standing it looks dead, so we were looking at Fisher 10 August 16th 1 o’clock in the afternoon and there’s not a whole lot of lava that came out of this Fisher but like I was saying it’s 600 feet long and it goes to a couple more properties in this direction goes through a couple more properties it has really died down there’s not a lot of.
Really smell it and just see steaming and I feel heat from that steam this is the clearest I’ve seen this property in months before you know a couple months ago this place was just really smoky and lots of so2 so we’re gonna go walk over and check out these cracks

That was really really there’s lava rock is really sharp there’s definitely chilling from here there’s a lot of them my glasses but jewelry anything majority of the heat is coming from this crack right here ground is really soft right here and it’s hot it’s Elvia degrees I would guess we’ve fogged up going we’re good.
Nobody’s property we’re be a tough time Thunder like a pay raise hair sender Pullman sound here nowadays and this is the end Fischer 10 or at least on this side the other end is over there through the bushes on my buddy’s property on the other side but we’re not allowed to go there because it’s a no-go zone and this place is clearing up barely any smoke or steam I don’t smell any sulfur so that’s a good thing you can still see a heat I don’t know if the cameras gonna pick it up that’s a lot of heat right there probably see the heat waves yeah we’re gonna check that out see how hot that is so that looks pretty hot sulfur right here a lot of movement around this property.

Salter closet I don’t smell your sulfur maybe it’s just a pad not really more steam and heat you can see over here almost looks like Christmas.
Sulfur has covered the plants and a white sulfur like substance interesting a lot of sulfur right here that that’s amazing and you know if the camera is gonna pick it up there’s a really interesting.

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