Herbal Remedies For Abrasions

Any scratches, marks or injuries which appear on the top most layer of the skin that is epidermis are called abrasions. Abrasions care caused due to several reasons such as bed sores, accidents, sports injury, falling off heights, traumas etc. At the beginning, there occurs plenty of bleeding and eventually abrasions heal in less time without leaving any marks on the epidermis.
It is recommended that the abrasion be treated in early stages before the wound gets infected and the treatment becomes complicated. One of the good home remedies for abrasions include cleaning the wound immediately with lukewarm water or any antiseptic soap so that all the dirt, germs or debris that may have made its way into the wound be cleaned off. One of the effective home remedies for abrasions include putting a few drops of lavender oil in a bowl of warm water and then apply on the affected area-this cleanses the wounds.
After the wound is cleaned, the following home remedies for abrasions can help in healing:
One of the good home remedies for abrasions include the use to cayenne pepper-it helps in stopping bleeding. Abrasions home remedies also involve the application of a small quantity of oil of garlic to prevent the skin from swelling. To protect the skin from getting infections, honey is applied on the affected area. This acts as an antiseptic.
One of the effective home remedies for abrasions includes using aloe vera gel for healing. Home remedies for abrasions include using the oil of tea tree as a natural antiseptic. For this, use diluted or full strength of a part of tea tree and ten parts of water. Home remedies for abrasions also include the application of marigold flowers and leaves of parsley in crushed form on the wound to fasten the process of healing. Tea is also used to reduce bleeding and inhibit bacterial growth.
Other beneficial abrasions home remedies
Abrasions home remedies involve the use of turmeric for speeding the process of healing.
One of the good home remedies for abrasions is the application of a lotion made of leaves of dock on the affected area-it will also begin the cure process. Aloe vera is known as the best abrasions home remedies because it acts as revitalize for the skin. It is also useful for renewing the tissues. Aloe vera is also known to prevent wound infections which may be caused due to fungus, virus or bacteria. When aloe vera is applied to the skin, the skin dries up. This action closes the wounds and prevents the entry of bacteria as well. This way, the tissues also get plenty of nourishment.
Similarly, the oil of clove is also popular for its anti bacterial properties. Onions are also natural bacteria fighting agents. In the same way, turmeric also acts as a natural antioxidant and prevents the cells to damage. Natural home remedies are always effective and acts as the first aid for the patient.
Sometimes the outer and inner layers of our skin get injured due to cuts or tears. This results in skin abrasion. If the injury is not serious enough then it can be easily cured with home remedies for abrasion . There are various simple remedies that have proved effective in healing the abrasion fast. Many times while playing sports, players fall on hard surface and get such skin abrasions. Due the falling sometimes the outer skin layers while some times the inner skin layers gets injured.
Home Remedies For Abrasion :
Whenever you get any kind of injury to skin, the first thing that you should do is clean the wound properly with a good antiseptic soap and warm water . This way you will get protection from infection of microbes.
Honey is very effective in curing the abrasions fast. Hence apply some honey over the affected skin part.
Aloe Vera gel is easily available in almost everybody’s house. You can use aloe Vera gel over the infected skin, as it prevents the further damage of the skin and speeds up the healing process.
It is also helpful to wash the injured part of the skin with hydrogen peroxide . This will prevent the growth of any kind of microbes in the infected skin parts.
Applying few drops of lavender oil over the skin abrasion is also one of the very effective home remedies for abrasion . Mix together tea tree oil, comfrey and calendula and prepare an ointment. You can apply this ointment over the skin abrasions, to get quick relief from pain caused due to the injury.
Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol to get speedy recovery form the abrasions. Make a paste by crushing marigold flowers, plantain leaves and parsley leaves together. Apply this paste over the injured skin parts. It is also very effective remedy to apply dock leaves over the skin abrasions. You can also make a paste from dock leaves and apply it over the abrasions.
In case your wound is deeper, then it is must to dress the wound properly. For dressing the wound make use of good ointments and antiseptic can prepare a homemade ointment using lard and white horehound .
You can also apply tea tree oil and lavender oil over the infected skin region after washing the injured part with warm one cotton ball in vinegar and clean the injured part of the skin with it, this will help in preventing the growth of microbes.
After washing the infected area, apply vitamin E oil or apply cod liver oil over the skin. This will help in healing the wound fast.Onion juice is also effective over preventing the growth of microbes. Hence apply onion juice externally over the injured skin.Collect fresh plantain leaves and crush them. Make a fine paste and apply it on the infected skin part. This remedy also gives fast relief from pain.
Abrasion may be defined as a superficial wound that may lead to external damage to the skin not deeper than injuring the epidermis. It is lesser in damage as compared to the laceration.
It may be categorized into two types:-
Medical abrasion – it may be defined as a damage to superficial skin because of some light injury or a bruise.
Dental abrasion – in this kind of abrasion there is loss of a tooth due to some external force or injury or by any foreign particle.
The medical abrasion may be categorized into three types
In the first case i.e. first degree abrasion the injury involves only the upper layer that is commonly known as epidermis.
In the second one i.e. the second degree abrasion there is involvement of both epidermal as well as dermal layer of the skin. In the third scenario, i.e. third degree abrasion there is involvement of subcutaneous as well as skin layers.
Abrasion is generally considered as less dangerous than any form of injury and does not lead to any major problem. Even in treatment part there is not much involvement of medication and by cleaning a wound may be helpful. One thing is to be taken care of that the wound should be kept clear and clean with antiseptic lotions. It should be free from germs and other outer infections.
There is no particular treatment required in case of abrasion but proper care should be taken care of and the wound should be dealt seriously and one must consult physician.
Haridra or turmeric is a herb that is extremely effective ayurvedic herb that is helpful in treating all kind of abrasion by protecting them from infections and promoting healing.

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