Important Things You Should Know About High Teas

There are thousands of individuals who plan to host high tea parties but they sometime feel bound to make sure it has an English feel with it. However, it is a good thing to remind yourself that you are basically hosting an event for friends and family to congregate and catch up. While it is true that the original event was associated with a number of customs that bordered on being lavish, things have continued to change especially when you consider the fact that this is a custom that has been borrowed by many other societies.

These days most high teas are normally served in late afternoon and they are made up of a number of big sized bites that people consume during the time between the afternoon meal and dinner. If you want to make it a meeting of friends and you don’t have the means and patience to give it the Victorian era elegance, you can still have a small ceremony where you serve a large amount of tea and simply add a few biscuits, sweets, scones and some light sandwiches. Men and women will definitely love being invited to a high tea since it creates a perfect excuse to spend time with friends, colleagues and family to catch up.

There are many different reasons why you can throw a high tea party Sidney. This becomes an easier option especially for anyone with a special occasion but does not want to throw a big party. Some of the special occasions that can give you a reason to do a high tea party include bridal showers, baby showers, retirement, anniversaries, reunions and birthday parties among others. You only need to prepare the snacks well in advance and present them fresh and hot as soon as the guests arrive. You decide whether food will be served in a buffet or it is simply passed on the table. You want to avoid doing too much work so that you actually spend some time with the guests as they enjoy the tea.
The one thing that could make your high tea memorable event is the type of crockery you decide to use as well as the linens that will embellish your tables. Apart from the finest quality tea your invitees will savor, there is no doubt that the guests will actually notice the type of arrangement you will have put in place and this will keep it separate from any other parties they could have attended.

The essence of organizing a high tea party is to bring people together for one reason or another. You should therefore remind them whether it is a formal or casual meeting when sending the invitation. You could become creative and actually attach a real tea bag to the invitation so as to add eagerness to the invitees as they look forward to a perfect brew. You may want to serve different types of tea and if you cannot provide some chic crockery, you could toy with the idea of hiring some for the function. Add in a few savories and you have a big high tea party worth remembering while it pleases your guests.

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