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Some difficult news to share involving we Came As Romans singer Kyle Pavone the band has announced that he has passed away this is some very difficult news to share so we’re just gonna read his statement to you apologies of the audio is a little bit off we are currently traveling this is the statement it says today music lost another great with the passing of Kyle Pomona, we Came As Romans Kyle’s tragic loss came too early in his life and those of his bandmates all are devastated by his passing we will miss his smiles as sincerity his concern for others and his impressive musical talent and lieu of flowers will be providing information regarding charity donations this coming week the family and the band wish to thank their fans and the music community for all, their love and support as they navigate their grief will, be remembered or will I be lost in loving eyes that’s their statement currently at this time it would appear that there is no cause of death known there is very little known about what occurred here other than this abrupt news that he has passed away we are going to do the best we can to get you information as it unfolds for now stick with rock beat for updates on this very sad situation our hearts go out to we Came As Romans they deal with this very very tragic loss that’s for now thanks for choosing Rafi we’ll see.

RIP Kyle Pavone (We Came As Romans)

For Kyle Pavone of we Came As Romans now I just literally heard about this just minutes ago and apparently the lead singer of we Came As Romans has passed away no one at least myself I don’t know what really happened like how how this happened but this is honestly shocking you know.

There’s been a lot of unfortunate deaths within the rock and metal community you know we had chester bennington of lincoln park and now Kyle Pavone of we Came As Romans now we Came As Romans is a band that I’ve been off and on with mainly, because I don’t really listen to this style of metal much anymore like.

When I do listen to them it is mainly for the nostalgia because I’ve been a fan of we Came As Romans for quite a few years and it’s crazy to me because we Came As Romans is still a very new band you know because they only have like five studio albums out right now their last album being cold like war it’s justĀ  so unfortunate guys and I’m sure a lot of people are also wondering what does the future hold for we Came As Romans now are they going to continue to make albums are they gonna continue what like are they gonna get a new vocalist or what but you know like people have been saying with chester bennington you can’t replace chester bennington from linkin park and maybe some people will have that same mindset with we came as romans.

You know i guess whatever the band decides is best I think is what option they should go with whatever the band feels is best. I just wonder what the guys from we Came As Romans are thinking right now even they’re screaming vocalist I can’t remember his name, I hate that. I can’t remember his name it’s just crazy it really,because I did not see this coming so just like the passing of chester bennington we have a lot of questions about the passing of coyopa bone you know and i believe we did lose Vinnie Paul from Pantera as well there’s just been like. I said there’s been a lot of passings in the rock and metal Preston piece Kyle Boone.

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