Leonard Bernstein

Late Night with Leonard Bernstein

My fishes are but few Leonard Bernstein was a lifelong insomniac he just couldn’t shut that motor off while the rest of the world was fast asleep he was doing his hardest work he was doing his best to scrape together a living by writing pop tunes.
Here he is at angle would typically keeping the students up all night long this was Lenny the communicator the conductor the explainer my father was still in college when he first met Aaron Copland at a dance concert in New York City and Lenny told Aaron that he adored the piano variations and he played them all the time my father always used to say that Aaron Copland was the closest thing he ever had to an actual composition teacher.

Leonard Bernstein have been a great musician but he would be the first to tell you that he could not sing for beans it’s a little short story really the kind of musical vignette my dream tells me one day I will walk down Fifth Avenue.
Dear Jerri this is an impromptu apology for these records they’re not so very bad but they are not so very good his late nights often involved playing the piano at parties while everybody’s sang around him and he was often the last to leave still raring to go after everyone else had faded.

Triangle Lessons with Leonard Bernstein

Get up losing his farm trap we have a new member of the orchestra Luigi is playing so we have two triangles now let me hear picking it up from two triangles one no yes to be negative them the same rhythm that they’ve been playing everybody plays so well tugging it up. One it’s better a little better should really be fifteen triangles going to get it up but we can’t do that we’re lucky to have two you’re making somehow more rhythmic so it’s not just a clink so it’s picking it up I don’t know where we play higher on the triangular to get to them and I’m not a triangle specialist fun no such like a doorbell.
I mean it could be anything to take it it up I don’t know how to tell you to do it but do it fun yeah it’s worse well congratulations.

Leonard Bernstein presents 7-year-old Yo-Yo Ma’s high-profile debut for President John F. Kennedy

Another aspect of that double stream of art I mentioned earlier flowing into and out of America has long been the attraction of our country to foreign artists and scientists and thinkers who have come not only to visit us but often to join us as Americans to become citizens of what to some has historically been the land of opportunity and to others the land of freedom and in this great tradition.

There has come to us this year a young man aged 7 bearing the name yo-yo ma a yo-yo came to our attention through the great master Pablo Casals who had recently heard the boy play the cello yo-yo is as you may have guessed Chinese and has lived up to now in France a highly international type but he and his family are now here his father is teaching school in New York and his 11 year old sister Yu Chang ma is pursuing her musical studies and they are all hoping to become American citizens which a lot of the pleasure of hearing yo-yo ma accompanied by his sister Yu Chang ma played the first movement of the concertina number three and a major by jean-baptiste Bravin who played taught and composed for the cello 150 years ago in France now here’s a cultural image for you to ponder as you listen a seven year old Chinese cellist playing old French music for his new American compatriots welcome yo-yo MA and you Chang MA.

Congratulations to you both the the great master Pablo Casals who is responsible for this appearance of our new young friends is a perfect image of the universal artist the citizen of the world and yet we tend to claim even Casals as belonging to our world since he does make his home in Puerto Rico which as you may recall is in America as my colleague Stephen Sondheim wrote in West Side Story immigrant goes to America many hellos in America nobody knows in America Puerto Rico’s in America, well maestro castles of Puerto Rico America wanted so strongly to contribute to our program tonight that although he was unable to be with us on this particular date he made a special trip to New York last month and taped a performance for us conducting an orchestra of hand-picked New York musicians here you see him on tape greeting them at their first rehearsal well the.

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