Memory of Elvis Presley’s Death – Aug 16, 1977

Aug 16, 1977 – Elvis Presley died today he was 42 apparently it was a heart attack he was found at his home in Memphis not breathing his road manager tried to revive him he failed a hospital trying to revive him it failed his doctor pronounced him dead at 3 o’clock this afternoon the end at an early age of one of the two most spectacular careers in the history of American entertainment the other being Frank Sinatra’s long after he became an institution here was how Presley looked and sounded on an NBC television special four seasons ago.

Leslie was very nearly at the peak of his career when he was drafted into the Army that was 1958 here he’s arriving for a tour of duty in Germany an enlisted man driving a Jeep he could have gone into what they called special services and avoided the kind of time put in by ordinary soldiers but Presley didn’t actually he trained as a tank man he so records in the multiples of millions made millions bought a string of Cadillacs one after another gave away a string of Cadillacs to people he liked and along the way he was married in 1967 to Priscilla and bullier the very symbol of sex for all of the millions or hundreds of thousands of teenagers was married only once and then relatively late the couple had one child a daughter the marriage did not last very long it ended in divorce.

Tonight his popularity was evident as fans turned out to buy his albums peaches record store usually welcomes recording artists to Atlanta tonight just a few hours after the death of Elvis Presley the sign carries a far more serious message Elvis Presley has been one of the Giants of the recording industry tonight after word of his death spread many of his fans turned out at area record stores to buy his albums at peaches more than 150 albums were sold in just a couple of hours the stock started to run thin store management said a new shipment of Presley records is already on its way to Atlanta

Presley maintained a tremendous following from the beginning until the tragic end where we are today thanks to Elvis Presley I

I mean it started it all we all stayed behind him for a long time and up until this afternoon you know forever I think people will think of him and remember him as being the leader of it all, Elvis performed at the Omni here in Atlanta a number of times he is shown, here during a performance a little more than a year ago, all of his Atlanta appearances were sellouts the Elvis Presley craze that started in the mid-50s never lost its momentum Elvis was a phenomenon from the outset back in 1956 the King even appeared on these Elvis Presley.

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