Missing Mollie Tibbetts Iowa student Death

A complaint an affidavit name’s Christian Vahine ax Rivera age 24 who resides in rural pouchy County and he has been charged with murder in the first degree.
If body was discovered early this morning in a farm field southeast of Brooklyn Iowa the identity has not been confirmed however we believe it to be the body of Mollie Tibbets

He tells us that he sees Molly running and was able to come upon her approached her and while he was interfacing with her he actually tells us that he ran alongside of her or behind her and then at one point he tells us that Molly grabbed ahold of her phone and said you need to leave me alone I’m going to call the police and then she took off running he in turn chased her down and then he tells us that at some point time he blacks out and then he comes to near an intersection in which we believe he then placed Molly the case will be prosecuted by the Iowa Attorney General generals area of prosecution division and first-degree murder carries a penalty of life without the possibility of parole.

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