Parents Choice PC Organics Baby Food Recall

PC Organics baby food recall

I’ll get you your cookie Stacey Kelso often buys PC organic baby food pouches for her youngest child beau but today she went back to the store and returned all of it because of Loblaws countrywide recall it makes me a little nervous because I did choose them because they had never had any issues before the problem Loblaw says is too much water in the pouch which can allow bacteria to grow and could cause botulism a rare but serious sickness that affects the nervous system and can cause paralysis even death, I originally was a little worried because we did feed him all the food that were that was recalled the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says there have been reported illnesses that may be linked to the recalled products and advises parents to call their doctors if they think their babies are sick but la blaw says there have actually been no confirmed illnesses still in a statement la blaw did say while the issue relates to a very small subset of products no longer available for sale in the interest of customer trust President’s Choice
Welcomes anyone with uncertainty about this product to return it for a full refund.

PC organics baby food pouches are sold in many grocery chains across the country including superstore no frills and shoppers Drug Mart experts say a full recall will inevitably push parents to other brands but perhaps not for long if you show people that you’re putting people ahead of the profits I think this will be just a minor blip but if they don’t do that and if they’re not transparent especially around food this is something that we take very very personally then this could come back to haunt them calso says she would consider buying Loblaws baby food again in the future, but in the meantime we’ll just stick with the homemade food for now while this large-scale recall will no doubt cost la blaw in the short-term pulling a product and fast is likely worth it when the potential consequences of not doing so for its customers and for its brand could be devastating.

Gerber baby food recall

The best known name and baby food is issuing a recall that may affect your baby gerber is pulling a half million boxes of its organic rice and oatmeal cereals off store shelves box 5 Stacey.Now to explain the reason for this recall Stacey this is a little different it’s not what’s in this food but what happens to the food that makes this cereal high risk according to the company some packages contain lumps which won’t dissolve which is a choking hazard so you think you’ve got the swing of this parenting thing or maybe you’re a pro like Alex Barsky bus with one that’s two and one that’s new Alex knows a bit about feeding kids when I shop for food I tried it by organic but you won’t find that word stamped on these Gerber cereals that’s because all organic rice and oatmeal cereals are off the shelves after the company got complaints of clumping since the cereal is meant for infants about this age six to eight months old lumpy food can be a choking hazard okay if they don’t have teeth they can’t shoot if they can’t chew it’s got to be liquid Oh buddy did she see see the fall yeah Maureen Spears is just trying to keep baby Owen safe from big brother Emmett she says unless your kids mixing the stuff in one of these it’s not a big issue I was thinking when I gave rice cereal to my two year old when he was a baby I would have noticed lumps
little Eloise has probably already eaten the sticky cereal the very ones that got recalled are probably on myself right now but mom says this Gerber ish face won’t be eating Gerber for a while as for babies Anna daddy Alex plans to steer his daughter to a truly organic food for as long as possible daddy get some rest when it she’s breastfed and she gets good food I’m all about breastfeeding although Gerber has had several complaints about the choking it is important to note there have been no reports of injury now the company did recall this food voluntarily and if you are one of those parents that have the Gerber organic rice or oatmeal cereal on your shelf you can contact the company for a refund good to know.

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