Rafael Nadal 2018 US Open Arthur Ashe Kids Day Practice

Shall we brand our live here back again in Arthur Ashe Stadium with a man you may recognize the defending champion. Rafael Nadal 17 time Grand Slam sham track to sink right behind me but it’s not just any day here at the US Open it is Arthur Ashe kids day and there are thousands of kids and families around the grounds right now two stages of performances going some of your favorite players practicing on Louis Armstrong and grandstand throughout the day so keep it locked in with us on us open social media for all the behind the scenes coverage but for right now let’s get back to Rafa, we’re often a doll of course the defending champ and the world number one his first match time has been announced and it will be the nightcap on Monday tournament play officially kicking off 8:15 p.m. start on Monday.

Rafa Nadal playing against someone he is probably pretty familiar with in countryman de’vide Ferrer and at all twenty four and six all-time against Ferrer of course a former top-five player in the world himself Nadal now 32 years old world number one and a three-time US Open champion last year he cruised to the championship defeating the six-foot eight South African big serving Kevin Anderson in the final in 2010 and 2013 Rafa defeated Novak Djokovic each time in four sets, 03:26we saw Rafa out here practicing with Kevin Anderson played a practice that yesterday in a rematch of last year’s men’s final they also saw Rauf out here earlier in the week playing a practice that with three-time Grand Slam Jam Stan Wawrinka nadal always have fan-favorite the comments lighting up right now filled with Roth offends I came to see him possibly win his eighteenth Grand Slam title of course had more fire to the greatest of all time to bathe Rafa and Roger fans often get into let us know in the comments your picks for who will take home the men’s singles title this year at the US Open also let us know, what matches you’re most looking forward to first match on Ashton but Rinka against Grigor Dimitrov a battle of two incredibly talented players with brink of course a former champ and the doll coming into the tournament in top form he obviously won the French got to the semis of Wimbledon came back after Wimbledon and won the Canadian Open had a big win over in Caen straight sets had a big three-set win over former US Open champ there and chillage in the quarters before defeating the young Greek sensation sit see boss in the final Arturo in the comments picking Novak Djokovic to win the tournament this year Patricia Claudia Donna all picking Rafa Betty in the comments picking Roger Federer to win what would be a 21st Grand Slam title Roger of course won five straight US Opens between 2004 and 2008 but has not won a US Open title since Jenice and the comments saying that she can’t wait to be happy open in a week of course this is still fan week Sophie around the New York area cutting out around the grounds they are open to the public and come seeing your favorite players practice up close otherwise make sure you come out for to the open starting on Monday another comment saying Novak question mark no no Rafa wins of course the debate between Novak and Rafa fans always contentious especially after there our Wimbledon battle this year rafa nadal not only a 17 time Grand Slam champion but also a two-time gold medalist in the Olympics for time Davis Cup champion as well a lot of those Davis Cup titles coming alongside his first round at home and to be fair of course this is not just any US open with the 50th anniversary of the US Open.

Incredibly historic tornament of course many of the great legends of the game will be out here around the ground we’ve seen exhibitions throughout family from some of the greatest players in America tennis history the McEnroe brothers Michael Chang Martina Navratilova James Blake we’re all out here playing Lindsay Davenport we have a trivia question of the practice true or false. Rafa Nadal plays left-handed but writes right-handed is that true false let us know in the comments we’ll see who gets it right Christine in the commenting on the comments commenting Nadal all the way Paulina commenting vamos Rafa Linda picking Novak to win it all another comments saying with an easy draw drop is a favorite the draw is certainly something to take into account of course Novak Djokovic and not being one of the top four seeds coming into the tournament meant he could have fallen in any quarter of the draw via a random selection but at the draw unveiling on a Wednesday at the US Open experience ,we saw that he fell in the bottom quarter of the draw which is the federal quarter better the number two seed meaning that should Rafa are should Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic advanced through the early rounds they would face off in the quarterfinals it’s about as tough of a route to the finals as it gets in sure Rafa Brie the brief sigh of relief when he saw that Novak was not in his quarter and the answer to the trivia question valina Zoltan Greg Joanne all of you are correct it is true somewhat Angelique Kerber who we just saw practice earlier today Rafa writes right-handed but plays tennis left-handed.

Rafa nadal with an even 80 career titles that’s fourth all-time in the open era looking for number 81 here at the open Rapha warming up some syrups you see him working on the iconic lefty sliding serve out wide something to dull hits among the best in the world that’s are sliding out wide well past the Emirates Airline logo on the back wall yesterday in this practice match with Kevin Anderson the DA was hitting those sliding serves with such a sharp angle they were actually bouncing on one bounce over the wall of the photography pit on the side of the court we saw the doll using that sir very effectively in the practice that against Kevin Anderson yesterday in a sliding body sir the ball coming from left to right at Kevin Anderson Anderson with a six foot eight frame and not showing the most nimble of footwork was unable to regularly get around the ball was often jammed on the forehand side by that serve we also saw Nadal working quite a bit yesterday on different returning positions we saw a few games where he was a bit more aggressive with his foot positioning bit closer toward hugging that base line looking to cut off the big Kevin Anderson sir before moving into the court and other times we saw him nearly as far back as touching the back wall or within at least six to eight inches of the back wall.

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