Romantic Gestures To Reinforce Your Feelings Toward Her

If that intro summary sounds like you, I think you can imagine how your romantic advances might get to be old hat after a while. If you get into a habit of romantic activity without an ulterior motive, it’ll strengthen your relationship and you might find it’ll put her in the mood more often.
Women don’t want to receive flowers and candy only as a sign of romance. Sure, they are nice from time to time without question. Don’t bring her flowers only when you are apologizing for something stupid you did or said, or just because it is her birthday. Bring them to say you missed her; that you appreciate her, and even because you know how much she loves a particular type of flower. It’s the unexpected presentations for no apparent reasons that are the most meaningful.
Women love to be taken out to dinner and fussed over. (Ahem … why wouldn’t she?) So, make reservations at a place both of you will enjoy. Make it a surprise and ask her to get dressed up for the occasion. Her excitement will continue to build as she gets ready.
As an alternative, if you live together or she is coming over to your place, why not cook for her? That is very romantic! If you don’t have time or you aren’t a great cook, order take-out from some good restaurant and serve it up on plates. Add some soft music and candles and you are all set.
Many women have so much going on that they run out of time. They can get frazzled and that is upsetting. When a guy lends a hand without being asked, it is very romantic. Even if you are just giving the kids a bath or doing the dishes for her, it shows that you care. If she has a big meeting at work, a job interview, or something going on at school, give her encouragement. This really sets the tone for how she will feel going into it.
Women love to read letters and this can be your outlet for telling her how much she means to you. The idea of saying such words out loud to her may be difficult for some, but on paper you can allow them to flow. You can even write her some poetry that she will always cherish.
A foot rub or a back rub -without it leading to anything else is extremely romantic. Women don’t like to feel as though every physical touching episode with you is going to result in sexual activity.
Let her sleep in if she doesn’t have to be anywhere! Many women don’t get enough sleep due to all they take on. While she is sleeping, do what she would be working on. Go to the grocery store, do the laundry, help her out as much as you can. Then you two can spend some quiet time with each other later on.
Go for a walk with her at the local park or beach. Make it a leisurely stroll and hold hands. You can talk, you can laugh, and you can be close to each other. This is a great way to interact when there hasn’t been much time for the two of you lately due to other obligations. Reconnect without stress this way.
Go wash her car for her! Many women hate this particular chore but when you bring her car back washed, waxed, and even cleaned on the inside she will be blown away. This is a duty that most guys really don’t mind taking on for the girl they care about either. Oh and by the way, it won’t hurt for you to snuggle on the couch with her and watch a chick flick occasionally either.
If you truly care about a woman, your goal is to make her as happy as possible. Taking the time to show it through any of these romantic gestures now and then is going to help forge a very strong bond for the two of you. It shows that your feelings for her go beyond a physical attraction which is something women really do crave.

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