The great benefits of Green tea

Green tea is a great type of beverage which is credited with most useful qualities as compared to all types of other tea. You could see, people in the ancient times in China used this beverage for the purposes of medical treatments of depression and headache. Today’s science has confirmed that this beverage gives beneficial effects to our body. By using the leaves of this beverage the risk of liver cancer can be reduced by 50%. Ingredients that are to be found in this beverage suppress the outcome of malignant tumors. This beverage also reduces the level of cholesterol in our body and maintains balance in our body to other parts.

Here are different types of health states for which green tea can use for useful results:

Why this Beverage is so unique?
The top secret lies in sturdy anti oxidants that are contained with green tea, particularly so called as EGCG. Due to this it is exceptionally thriving in eliminating damaging effects of smoking. Anti oxidants which are found in this beverage are two times stronger than the ones that are to be found in black vine that is just recognized for its mild result of anti oxidants.

How it different than other type of teas?
One more significant thing is the method in which the leaves of green tea are processed. So, for instance oolong and black tea are prepared from fermented plants/leaves although in the case of green tea leaves are exposed to steam so that the antioxidants are sealed in much bigger quantity.

Other positive effects
American researchers have determined by testing the green tea which helps in retaining the body weight by losing body’s weight. People who consume the mixture of green tea and caffeine burned additional calories than those people who consume only placebo or caffeine. One of appealing thing is that this beverage helps preventing tooth decay and cavity. That is why it is known as anti bacterial. This is also very helpful for a range of surface inflammations, so you could see that the products of todays contain the ingredients of green tea’s leaves that are anticipated for retaining the quality of skin. That is how beauty creams and perfumes are made with the ingredients of this tea.

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