Things??! They Don’t Tell You, About Traveling In Europe

Hey guys so last summer me traveled all around Europe for a few weeks so I thought I’d make a tips about what they don’t tell you when you’re backpacking through Europe,

First if you’re gonna be recording video know that your camera is gonna look a little whack the frequency of the lights are different but if you wait a little bit it kind of goes away or you can change the settings in your camera.

Alright let’s talk about where to stay sweet home so while we’re traveling we stayed in a few hostels, hostels have a
reputation for being pretty gross and some of them definitely are this one. I just couldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.
I just tried to kill yours didn’t look but some of them are actually pretty nice so we found a few good ones that we really liked generator hostels were all really good, I really liked those ones this is such a clean hostel. I love it this TV – and you can do it a few different ways you could do a 4 bed shared dorm you can do all girls you can do mix so it’s guys and girl a little cubby kind of and then we have to guide roommates we’re pretty sure like there’s.
A skateboard you could have your own room with you and your friend or you could do 8 bed or 16 bed which, I really don’t recommend if you want to get some sleep we even have some interesting art here yeah so hospitals have way more of a social life than hotels a lot of them have different activities pop crawls, there was have some kind of bar hangout spa and people are generally pretty friendly, everyone’s traveling you know they’re just well not fun if you’re trying back in too much everyday you’re just gonna get really tired and not even enjoy what you’re doing.

Obviously so don’t feel like you need to do everything in a city you just pick a few things that you really want to do and actually enjoy them there’s good.

Pizza everywhere in Europe so just be careful cuz it’s really dangerous i way too much pizza while i was there this one’s kind of random but disneyland, paris in my opinion not as good as the original still fun to go to disneyland, paris fun time but if you’re thinking about going it’s just no it’s like not as good train ticket prices change by the day just like airlines, so check this out this is two hundred and sixty dollars for the next day or if you book it a month in advance it’s only sixty dollars.

So definitely booked things in advance if you can especially train tickets, there’s a lot of stairs all over the place so pack light traveling will make you just kind of ugly i really want to find a place to get my address honey because you guys look at them this is what traveling does to you.

Using some really cheap shampoo and conditioner my hair got super frizzy pack light seriously you don’t want anything more than a carry-on and a backpack because it just won’t fit in a hostel like you only get a little drawer  and they have like washing machines and stuff so you’ll be fine.

Outlets are different than the u.s. a lot of people know that so if you’re going to london and they’re going to Amsterdam you’re gonna need a different kind of converter these super touristy bus tours they have them in every city. But they’re actually not a bad way to get around in London in Barcelona they’ll take you to all the major spots and you don’t have to worry about figuring out the train system are getting an uber.

If you’re out of a sit-down restaurant and you don’t ask for the check you will pretty much never get it it’s like rude for them they feel like they’re rushing you out so if you don’t want to be somewhere for like three hours definitely ask for the check like shortly after you get your food.

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