This Is How You Can Motivate Yourself For Work When You Don’t Want To Do It

You need a drive that will chain your knowledge and implementation together. It isn’t enough to just know how to efficiently use your time. You need to be practically productive. But the first step in the process is having that push. The urge to actually get your hands dirty.

For that purpose, here are 5 ways to make yourself work even when you don’t want to:

1. Find Out Where To Begin

Most of the time, you only back off of work because you don’t know where to begin. There’s just so much to do that it naturally, overwhelms you. Instead of chickening out and taking a nap, get yourself a pen and paper. List down everything you need to finish, but do it according to priority. Whatever is due earliest, jot that down first. Keep going until you’ve got yourself a checklist. Once you have a clear vision of what you need to start with, it will make it much easier to dive in and just begin.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Switch off your phone, or uninstall your social media apps. Go someplace quiet and isolate yourself. Make someone tell you off when they see you losing focus. There are many ways to eliminate your distractions

Just hold yourself accountable. Think about the consequences of not finishing your work on time. Make yourself worry so that you keep yourself from indulging in any kind of distractions.

3. Stop Thinking That The Task Is Easy

Maybe a task won’t take you too long. Regarding a task ‘too easy’ will make you believe that you can get it done in no time. This is where you’re wrong.

Assumptions are not always the reality. Realize that wasting so many hours also means not being left with many at the end. And you can’t always be sure about life. Anything can come up. So putting it off just because the task is a piece of cake is not always the smartest idea.

Going back to significance, you should also understand that your role is a part of a bigger process. You might be putting other people’s work on hold by being late. Take the significance of your task into proper consideration.

4. Force Yourself When You Just Don’t Like The Task

Sadly, there’s no way to develop a liking for an activity. Unless it’s in your nature, you can’t ever make yourself like or dislike a job. But from personal experience, I can give you 2 Tips on forcing yourself into doing the job anyway:

  1. Think about the future/outcome of the task. Focus on the benefits. What will you lose if you don’t get it done? For instance, if you’re a student who hates studying, focus on your graduation. Think about grades, scholarships, good colleges and good jobs. Should be enough to get you into overdrive.
  2. Devise a plan. Tell yourself you can’t touch any other activity until and unless you’re done with the one you hate. Make it like the levels in a game. With every disliked task you complete, you unlock a new level.

5. The Fear Of Failing Is Holding You Back

You can’t help but imagine all of the possibilities of failure. When a task is a little too tough, it automatically overwhelms you. Thus, it’s natural to feel like you’re not good enough for it. Maybe you’re uncertain about your skills or maybe there’s some unnerving competition.

In such cases, it is best to remind yourself that worry doesn’t change anything. At least, it is certain that it doesn’t help at all. It can only make things worse. So if you’re worried about your boss firing you for a job not done well, there’s really nothing you can do to change that. As a matter of fact, delaying the task or not doing it in the first place will make you jobless. That’s one thing you can be certain about. So it’s best to get chopping.


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