Tiger Woods returns to the FedExCup Playoffs

What else would you expect to go from, how I felt and how my game felt you know back then in December to where it is now it’s night and day we haven’t seen Tiger Woods in the FedEx Cup Playoffs since 2013 and he’s had quite the journey since returning to competitive golf I had no expectations bill play the the tour to have a full time playing schedule I just didn’t know the fact that I’ve had a couple chances to win events been pretty neat because I
started unexpected starting the 2017-18 season off with no expectations.

Tigers fought top tens resulted in a steep rise to 20th in the FedEx Cup standings the tiger roars her back at Bay Hill trickling left towards it right over the front lap is nothing new to him but it’s more motivating for him to climb that ladder now because he’s actually got his body right we’ve got him on right now he’s playing some good golf has been five years since I’ve won a golf tournament but when, I got back into the mix it felt like normality for me to feel the nerves sort of feel the tension and and know what to do and how to execute these are four things that certainly came back to me there was no question that I thought need to be here and that he could go content and I wouldn’t have been surprised at the one.

I think he’s exceeded a lot of people’s expectations long as he stayed healthy and was able to keep doing what he was doing it wouldn’t surprise me if he was in contention or winning tournament 146 spots climbed in the FedEx Cup standings. Tiger now returns for a chance of raising a familiar trophy for the third time in order to live the FedExCup is about playing wealth end of the year the last four events I still got a lot of big events to play so I’m sorry I gonna improve on that.

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