Tim McGraw And Faith Hill On Their First Collaborative Album

Citing day for us for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill they’re here because for the first time they have released an album, together it has called the rest of our life and it’s out today to do a record together took a little while 21 years did you learn anything about each other in this process, that you didn’t already know. I mean you’ve been together so long there’s something about making a record that was revelatory wait well you know nice work you’re an artist you know we approach things differently.
We’re different style of music and you know and I think that my stuff’s different and her stuffs different than it is when we were working together we sort of look at it as a third act that’s a whole different sort of kind of music when we record together she likes to record really live with the band when were in this new recording, where I record I’m used to being in the studio and not really concerned about the way. I’m singing in the lyrics, I’m just sort of being a guide for the band, because I’m more concerned about the guitars and the keyboards and the drum sounds and all that sort of stuff so when we were in there together.

I had to learn the songs a little bit better because you had the same vibe with her but we were in a booth together which was really long and that’s the first we’ve never done it that way all the duets we’ve had in the past we’ve always sung them separately there are duets musically and then there do our duets in life all right what makes this relationship work, so well she tolerates a lot you told me a lot too.

I’m not the easiest person, I think we will we like each other we do actually like one another that’s the key for sure yeah got three daughters and we’re in it we we talked about it before we got together two musicians, I mean just the thought about alone is kind of about, what I should do this? arrives and who ride sidecar. I love who drives who drives in the relationship oh yeah go ahead go the car. I Drive the relationship it’s pretty Thanks.
It’s pretty even you know we make decisions about things in different ways and but we always talk about it before we do it and and and you know having three daughters that you know sort of acquiesced along their special area tonight that your friends are gonna want to watch.

It’s the first time that we’ve done a special together and it’s gonna be on show,  I don’t want to call it a concert special there’s a lot of concert footage in it but there’s a lot of behind the scenes and some interviews and some sort of revealing things about us and our relationship and our personal lives that we haven’t shared before so it’s we found it pretty interesting watching it back yeah they didn’t do majority or work on that, I was scared to watch it you know because, I can’t stand to see my documentary cameras you’re like because you kind of forget they’re there right then they’re there all the time. It can be intimidating especially when you’ve let yourself get so out of shape.

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