Top Zombie Movies Of All Time

Today’s pop media, including the top zombie movies, has led the way in marketing these animated corpses to a wide sector of society. However, legends and folk stories during the 19th century have greatly inspired the present zombie tales. However, nothing beats the easy access everyone has to the various zombies movies because unlike the tales, the zombie dvd are available and within easy reach.
If you thing the classic zombie films are now hard to find then you have not checked online. The internet is a veritable source of everything about the flesh eaters. Start by choosing which of these top 10 zombie films should occupy your weekends:

1) Zombie
This movie has given rise to hordes of imitators especially in Italy. Despite this, it still belongs to the list of the most gruesome zombie films. The movie does not stop with corpses and humans but it even features a fighting scene between a zombie and a shark.

2) Dawn of the Dead
This 1976 movie by George Romero takes place in a shopping mall so expect the ambulant corpses to conduct their battles in style. How about an apartment infested with zombies for an opening scene? If you haven’t watched this movie then you cannot claim to be a true zombie fanatic.

3) Dead Alive
Every zombie fan or hunter should see this movie not only because it is hilarious but also because it had the hobbit-famous Peter Jackson at the helm. This movie stands at the top of the list of gory zombie movies to date. Just check out the lawnmower scene and you will know why.

4) Re-Animator
This movie tells the story of a medical student who used the cat of his roommate and several bodies from the morgue among others, to test his reanimating serum for defeating death.

5) The Dead Next Door
Join this elite group of zombie hunters who manages to entertain the movie audience despite the cheap acting.

6) Junk
The flesh eaters headed by a hot queen flesh-eater, are faced with Yakuzas and thieves. The idea of the zombies being controlled by a single undead which is portrayed here by a queen, is quite a novelty.

7) The Serpent and the Rainbow
The fact that this movie was based on anthropologist Wade Davis’ book, classified as a non-fiction, makes this movie distinct from the others on the list. If you’re interested in the rise of zombies in Haiti then this movie is your best option.

8) Return of the Living Dead
If you’ve watched the Night of the Living Dead then this is a must-see sequel if only because of the smarter and funnier zombies. This is what happens when you put together punk rocker, zombies, a Nazi mortician and a gas that can create zombies.

9) 28 Days Later
You can argue that there are actually no zombies here in the real sense of the word. However, what do you call people who chase and bite other human beings who are then turned into zombies as a result?

10) Shaun of the Dead
This is a great combination of romance and horror so if your girlfriend is not fond of zombies but you are a fanatic, then this might be a solution.
Any one of these top zombie movies will surely keep you and your friends entertained and scared at the same time.

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