Ultimate Tiger Woods 2018 PGA Championship

Ultimate Tiger Woods 2018 PGA Championship highlights from all four rounds

Opening round of the 100 the PGA Championship Tiger comeback continues he’s still in search of that elusive 15th major championship now Tiger would already off to a very rough start Oh war well short this is the long run these are marathons for long days places left immediately third fairway miss for Tiger Woods, that is trouble over there golf swing clearly off their the frustrations continue.

I got the terrible start and starting to hang in there and just kind of eat away at it he feels like he can get this all the way up there over the green hang the ball all right I was really putting walking once he started hitting his line then you could kind of see his confidence grow with this putter got it just hung in there all of us just pick away at it doing what he does best hanging in there and clawing his way back I was able to ride out of sport today and hit his tee shots in play the rest of the dough starts to look easy baby, this just feels like it’s going to be one of those days that is a beautiful stroke there from Tiger surf accident coming up for Tiger Woods.

That does not look good that’s not good he looks in complete control here in round number two no matter which day you’re looking at for his fifth birdie. Tigers had some great touch throughout these first two rounds that’s a great sign for the weekend and a good round for Tiger he’s had the game face on for two days for birdie at the first.

Just right there on the top left stay in there yes. I’ve had my share of chances to win this year hopefully I’ll get it done this week. And from Jupiter Florida it’s found a bunker you got plenty of it welcome to Sunday his aura.

Tigers not gonna fairway again nothing to it and that left birdie for Tiger Woods not surprised me I see him stuff.
Tiger for birdie at 11
Stop there have enough to make a run here today is in position and now Tiger may putt here we’ll send shockwaves throughout this back nine at Belle Reve.

This is aggressive very aggressive this is that Tiger stare that got so used to in the early and mid 2000s did uh salute for Tiger Woods and the big cat is I was connecting to the golf ball.
that’s got a chance of being in the hazard in the drive on 17 I didn’t drive them good all day and I was struggling with my golf swing I knew this was going to a struggle to try and piece together around and I did the most enjoyable walk up this 18th fairway the birdie chance at 18 this morning.
here today we shall 64.

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