Vehicle Keys and Car Security

If you like most people, you probably used an auto locksmith before, when you got locked out of your car or needed an extra copy of your vehicle key. While they type of services are usually the most popular type of services certified car locksmiths provide, todays auto locksmith technicians offer a much wider range of services and products that require great knowledge of technology and exceptional workmanship. as vehicle makers continue to develop more advanced methods of securing cars, auto locksmiths must stay informed on the latest auto security technologies to be able to provide complete locksmith services to their clients and compete in today’s technologically advanced marketplace.
While car alarm systems are usually handled by auto mechanics or dedicated auto alarm experts, most other services relating to auto security are handled by experienced auto locksmith technicians. Today’s market offers a wide range of car keys and lock systems yet most car keys are still manufactured using one of two production methods using either a production process wrench or a laser key cutting technique.
Mechanical cut car keys are considered the more traditional type and employ a unique cutting pattern on the edge of each key blade. This unique cut allows the key to fit into a car’s ignition switch in one direction only and creating or duplicating these type of keys is done in a similar technique to the one being used when cutting or duplicating a residential type home key. The process involves using a mechanical key cutting machine that is employed by certified locksmiths either inside their locksmith shop or on their mobile locksmith service vehicles. This key cutting method is cheaper than producing a laser cut key, yet most new car models employ a laser cut technique that offers higher security and are much harder to duplicate. That being said mechanical cut keys are still popular with some of today’s popular car makers including Ford, Chevy and General Motors.
As mentioned above, laser cut keys offer a more secured option. They can be clearly identified by their square edges and by having identical cuts on both sides of each key blade. Laser cut keys fit inside the car’s ignition switch on both sides and can be used to start a vehicle either way. Duplicating laser cut keys or creating them from scratch is a far more complicated technique and require a special laser key cutting machine. Furthermore producing these type of keys usually require additional programming via additional software that allow the locksmith to program unique electronic codes into the key as they communicate with the vehicle each time the customer attempts to open their car. Some car makers require locksmiths to contact them directly in order to obtain unique codes and additional information that is required to be programmed into the key in order for it to work properly.
Because of the complexity of laser cut key creation it is highly recommended that whenever a customer orders a new key for their vehicle, they make sure that they key actually works and opens up their vehicle to ensure that all of the steps involved in the key creation have been performed successfully and that the key actually works.
Other than these two main types of car keys there are several additional types of car keys in the market today that can easily be recognizable by their unique attributes:
Smart Keys – usually employed with laser cut key, smart keys include a remote control inside them that can communicate with your vehicle each time it is in close proximity to it. Smart keys offer customers the ability to access their vehicles “hands free” as the proximity sensor inside them is recognized by the car automatically without the need to insert the key into the switch at all. These methods offer a far more advanced level of security and are obviously much harder to produce or duplicate. They are also pricier to create. In recent years motorcycle and boat manufacturers have also started to utilize this type of technology to ensure the highest possible security to their customers.
Transponder Keys – These type of auto keys can be either laser cut or mechanical cut and employ a small computer chip that can communicate with your car every time you try to open it up. In recent years transponder keys have become very popular and are considered somewhat of a necessity in today’s market as most car makers employ transponder key technology in their cars, trucks and motorcycles.
VAT systems – VAT stands for “Vehicle Anti Theft” as VAT system keys feature a resistor chip that is usually black and is located in the key blade. Sometimes referred to as “chip keys” or “PASS Keys” these type of keys were first introduced to the market by General Motors. Each resistor contains one of fifteen possible values that is embedded into the key using an electronic ohm meter. VAT system keys can be found in many car models including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac cars.
Before heading to your local locksmith to have your car key produced or duplicated it is important to know what type of key your car requires. At Lock and Tech USA we provide complete locksmith services in Atlanta and can assist you with any locksmith need you may have. Contact us at (770) 425-6625 for immediate locksmith service in Atlanta, 24 hours a day.

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