Viral Labour Ad Goes After Austerity

Jeremy Corbyn tweeted a Labour Party video that went viral it argues against austerity take a look and then, we’ll discuss we need to make some cutbacks let’s freeze teachers wages great idea. I didn’t get that pay rise and the rents come back just have to cut down on our food bills business is slow we didn’t make as much less forth. we’ll have to cancel the renovations sorry we can’t give you those extra hours we have to feed contracts nice or I’ll kill things we pick up economic growth has slowed and the national debt is still going up we’ll have to make more cuts great idea made more cuts at the school.

Well just have to learn about to do we’ll start losing money apart even before there appears now I’m really sorry but we’re gonna have to cut your hours if I need that money. I’ve had my hours cut meats look like working tax credits the economy’s getting worse and now we’re paying out more in benefits time to make more cuts.
I don’t understand even after all our cuts national debt has doubled the neck anomic growth is terrible maybe austerity doesn’t.

That was a very good ad now there are a few things that, I think should be addressed though so first of all the far-right belief in austerity is selective that’s not really addressed in that video again it’s a good video but take the US for example they don’t believe in austerity at all when it comes to the military budget for example they want to spend until the cows come home, they want to go nuts that’s one example another example would be corporate welfare money that goes from the taxpayers to corporations whether it be you know a subsidy to ExxonMobil for example or eighty billion dollars a year to the big banks so that’s another area, where they don’t believe in austerity at all they believe in big government when it comes to subsidizing already rich CEOs or when it comes to giving money to corporations or the military-industrial complex.

So they claim to believe in austerity but it’s not even that it’s that they’re selective and in in their belief in austerity because they only mean austerity for you for regular people which gets to the other point they wouldn’t even so they wouldn’t even ,be okay with like in the video when the guy went to go get like unemployment benefits or whatever it is they want to get rid of that to see for you, it’s extreme austerity for the permanent military state and for corporations and for the rich it’s not it’s socialism for them it’s socialism for the corporation’s corporatism so what they would say is no keep doing the cuts but also when that person that just lost their job or is making or has fewer hours when they go to get public assistance also get rid of that public assistance so in other words their solution would be oh even even more austerity in the sense that you don’t even publicly spend on the safety net for regular people but again the belief in austerity is selective in that they would never apply that same logic to war or Wall Street rich folks.

I think that’s an important distinction because it shows that they’re not true like you can get somebody who truly believes in that ideology and applies it across the board but that would be more libertarians they would be the ones who are like no, I also want to cut military spending and I want to cut welfare but that’s not what you get from run-of-the-mill conservative politician certainly not in the US but, I’d venture to guess that’s also the case in the UK as well so that’s just a few points.

I wanted to address here but it’s nice to see that somebody that now there there are people on the Left making a robust case for a left-wing position namely stimulus so it I mean it shouldn’t be that hard of a sell when the economy slumps if you increase the government spending like for example FDR did you’re in the New Deal that helps it helps it will help the economy yes sometimes redistribution of wealth is perfectly rational tax the people at the top who have been siphoning all the money for all these years who make a preposterous percentage of the income tax the people at the top redistribute in public works projects have people build new roads new bridges have strong social safety nets to make sure that people get health care and things of that nature those things not only make sense.

They’re also beloved by the population because that’s you know FDR kept getting reelected and then we they came up with term limits to try to prevent something like that from ever happening again because, the Republicans thought there’s no way we’re ever gonna win a presidency again if these guys keep having Social Democratic leaders like FDR so it’s good to see that Corbin is making in the Labor Party are making a robust case for that philosophy because unfortunately. I feel like the right-wing position has become the default position it’s become the dub position especially to people with power they just think like what do you mean of course we all believe in austerity that’s a given and they’re now questioning some of those taboos which is a good thing.

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